Akashic Cosmic Marble

Akashic Cosmic Marble - The Akashic Energy Stones has been created through joint efforts of CELESTINE MOON and Star Babies Prefered LLC. Mystic Creek is truly a special place with a very special water. When you are in the area you KNOW you are in a special area with water that is alive. When you take pictures, you see the mysteries of this very special place in most of the pictures. Mystic Creek Water was used in the making of the Akashic Energy Products. Combine this with the Special KODAS Laminar Crystal and the Crystal Energy Technology of The Master Of The Crystal and you have the beginning of something very special. Going through the Edgar Cayce Readings, we came upon a procedure mentioned in his readings. When this procedure was incorporated into making the Akashic Energy Products, along with the special water of Mystic Creek, the special KODAS Laminar Crystal, and the special Crystal Energy Technology of Star Babies Prefered LLC, a very special product was created. The products can be used to treat water but another use seems to be opening up with their use. A thing we have noticed, is how people are drawn to these pieces when they actually pick them up. It is difficult for many to take their attention away from these Energy Stones. What has also been reported is a seemly increase in psychic ability: an increase in the "Knowing". We ask that all who purchase these will keep us informed to their observations of this product, as the uses of this product is still in the discovery stages. This is a limited edition so order now to ensure you receive one of these very special stones.
Akashic Cosmic Marble
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