Cosmic Boulders - One

Cosmic Boulder is the third formula developed in the Crystal Energy Technology, known as Laminar Crystal. This is an additional Cosmic Formula that takes ordinary water and turns it into Ormus, in the ease and convenience of your own environment, daily. The Laminar Crystal Cosmic Boulders are larger then twice the size of the Crystal Cosmic Marbles and much higher on the Bovis Biometer due to its circumference. The shape of the Sphere is of the most importance in the Crystal Boulders as energy from the Cosmos is emitting from every speck due to its shape and radiates the crystal energy to all in its presence. These are perfect for hot tubs, spas and bathing. A much faster method to turn back the clock. Lead free and food safe. Now larger than ever. Bovis Biometer Reading: 5,700,000 Field Effect: 900 feet Water Conversion Factor: 5 minutes ½ gallon Circumference: 5 inches
Cosmic Boulder
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