Graphology Analysis Report

HANDWRITING ANALYSIS AND GRAPHOTHERAPY REPORTS Writing is one of the oldest forms of communication. Even cave men used a form of writing to tell a story. The alphabet was created by line forms known as letters which is the modern way of communicating with others. Your handwriting is a blueprint of your personality and each and every letter is a thought. Each letter of the alphabet reveals your ideas, how you feel, your health, your past and present problems and your degree of happiness. Graphotherapy is the science of handwriting and printing. It is an amazing process which helps you change your life by changing the way you make your letters, thru an exercise on paper. Graphotherapy is the non-threatening way of learning how to peel the destructive layers of conditioning that we have in our lives, with gentleness and reverence, bringing forth the real you to live in the fullness of life. Changing your writing is enhancing your life. Handwriting is a thought that is carried from the back of your head, down your body, through your arm and onto the paper by way of the writing instrument. By consciously writing letters in a particular way with repetitive strokes, you may feel a change in your body which may then lead to changes in your life and just as importantly, changes in your attitude toward life. Graphotherapy gives you an edge over life and heightens your brainpower, improves your memory and increases your creativity. You may experience a whole new world by having an open mind and changing your old writing habits. You are what you write and you can write how you want to be! HANDWRITING ANALYSIS AND GRAPHOTHERAPY REPORTS To have a reading done, you must send three full pages of writing and printing. One page in the morning, one in the afternoon and one before you retire at night. Each page needs to be signed. Even though you may only print, please do a little of both. Writing and printing is the map to who you are. This entails close examination by the practioner as it is life changing!!!
Graphology Analysis Report
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