Laminar Crystal Classic Baby Pyramid Grid

Laminar Crystal Baby Pyramid Grid - The Laminar Crystal Baby Pyramid Grid is one of the most potent Star Babies Power pieces! This Star Babies tool is a popular choice for those interested in the higher dimensional planes, piercing the veil or aspiring to ascend, although not everyone is able to access other planes, dimensions, etc., as it is a matter of spiritual evolution. Treat your water, food and yourself along with others and all your Ormus preparations on this convenient, compact, powerful Crystal Energy Tool. The Baby Pyramid Grid has a powerful effect to the user without direct contact to the skin, which makes it ideal for night time. Place on your night stand, under the bed, between the box spring and mattress, or sleep with it close to your body while releasing pain and discomfort or for any applications such as meditation. This beautiful Laminar Crystal opaque white power piece consists of 20 individual pyramids in one complete power tool. Each point on the top of this laminar crystal pyramid grid emits energy viewed as a strand of DNA. When placed in a large glass container of your favorite water source, you can actually see the strands in action. This Baby Grid is a wonderful addition during meditation or for personal contemplation. Since the Baby Grid may pierce the Veil, please take this energy piece seriously. This is one of the unique power pieces in the Crystal Energy Technology that speeds the rejuvenation process into fast forward. If possible, please take measurements of yourself, for your enjoyment/records when the physical changes do happen to you and also pictures before your first use in structured star baby water. Lead free and food safe. Add the Baby Grid to your bath, spa or pool for faster rejuvenation effects. Bathing in the water structured with the Baby Grid effects every cell of your skin, the largest human organ. Traveling with the Baby Grid has many marvelous benefits even on short trips. PLUS you will RECEIVE an upgraded Comfort Cover (colors vary) for easy transporting. Bovis Biometer Reading: 29,200,000 Approximate Dimensions: 4 1/4" x 3 1/2" x 1 1/4" Field Effect: 9 miles Water Conversion Factor: 140 minutes per 20 gallons
Laminar Crystal Classic Baby Pyramid Grid
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