Laminar Crystal Classic Cupcake

A Star Babies favorite, the Classic Laminar Crystal Cupcake is the product that launched Star Babies Prefered LLC over eleven years ago. The Classic Laminar Crystal Cupcake is the first of its kind. The Crystal Cupcake is the Star Babies version of the Artifact from which this Crystal Energy Technology was developed. It is an opaque, light winter white in appearance. It has been upgraded since its creation and now generates a field effect for approximately 590 feet in all directions. The Crystal Cupcake is an enhancer for the human biological system as it aligns and balances your energy, and therefore opens a free flow of youthful power throughout your being, thereby adjusting your energies with the Divine Life Force. This Authentic, Original Cupcake is true to its form with layer and layer of frosting on top, as YOU deserve to have the "Frosting on the Cake". Besides, additional power is added to the Cupcake with each layer of frosting formed on the top. The form of the Cupcake was created to hold between your fingers with the bottom of the Classic Cupcake touching the big toe of your loved one. This move facilitates pulling all of the pain out of their biological systems and thru the Cupcake, then you, to be released back into the ethers. This is a perfect power piece for treating all of your consumable water whether on the counter (room temperature) or in your refrigerator (which treats all the other foods like eggs, milk, cheese, butter, meat and etc). Lead free and food safe. This power piece is a must for anyone engaging in the Crystal Energy Technology. It is the translator! The top measures approx. 1 1/2 ", the bottom 1 1/4" and the height is approx. 3/4". Bovis Biometer Reading: 1,950,000 Field Effect: 590 feet Water Conversion Factor: 22 minutes per ½ gallon Originally priced at $300.00.
Laminar Crystal Classic Cupcake
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