Laminar Crystal Classic Medallion

The Laminar Crystal Classic Medallion radiates like the sun and twinkles like the stars. Many of us who wear the Medallions, feel a sense of safety, good luck or protection and have an appreciation for the uniqueness of this special application of the Laminar Crystal, known as "Eye Candy".Ideally, the Classic Medallion is worn from a chain, ribbon or cord, underneath shirts, in direct contact with your skin and with proximity to the heart and lungs. The heart is the foundation of the circulation system and the lungs are the gathering space for oxygen. The Laminar Crystal Medallion surrounds you in a white egg shape cocoon to protect you and keep you safe. The Crystal Medallion is a valuable enhancer for these two fundamental bodily systems and an unique piece of the Crystal Energy Technology. There is a 14kt Gold ring attached permanently for comfortable wearing on any chain. Please inquire directly for more colors and variations. PLUS RECEIVE 3 COSMIC ENERGY STONES with your purchase. Bovis Biometer Reading: 11,100,000 Field Effect: 990 feet Inquire for more selections.
Authentic Laminar Crystal Classic Medallion with 14 kt gold ring
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