Laminar Crystal Classic Water Bead

The human body is made up of at least 96% water. Water is the most important fluid we can put in our bodies. Life is not possible without water. Therefore, water is of the utmost importance. The highest quality of water is more beneficial for every one of your cells. The Star Babies Laminar Crystal Energy Technology is an enhancer for the human biological system, as it aligns and balances your energy and therefore opens a free flow of youthful power throughout your being, adjusting your energies with the divine life force thru the medium of water. Infuse your drinking water with positive power! Structuring all your consumable water is as simple as using the Classic Laminar Crystal tool. The Water Bead is a powerful addition in the Laminar Crystal Energy Technology. Just add it to your glass container of water in the refrigerator or sitting on the counter. It is the perfect power piece to insert into your travel container of water. The Laminar Crystal Water Bead changes the molecular structure of water into a crisp, spring fresh, energized hydrating substance and when consumed, the body internalizes these effects with many positive effects, differing with each individual. This energized water can be enjoyed by all. When your container is ¼ full, re-fill with more water. Wait a few minutes (at least 10 minutes) before consuming. Occasionally, wash the Water Bead with dishwashing soap or put thru the dishwasher. If your container is made from plastic, replace with a new container often. The stainless steel travel containers are the easiest to keep fresh. Also, the stainless steel keeps your water colder for a longer time. The Laminar Crystal Water Bead is lead free and food safe. The Water Bead is approx. 5/8" across and a circumference of 2 1/4". Bovis Biometer Reading: 1,200,000 Field Effect: 370 feet Water Conversion Factor: 26 minutes per ½ gallon
Laminar Crystal Classic Water Bead
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